DOVE 101

Texas Dove Hunters Association partners with TPWD to administer Dove 101 classes anywhere in the state of Texas. Classes led by TDHA are approximately 4 hours in length from 9:00-2:00 and include lunch. Each class will be comprised of classroom activities and field demonstrations. In the class, each participant will be given a booklet describing bird identification, dove coo calls, shooting and harvest techniques, dove facts, safety tips, hunting etiquette, tips for hunting and much more. The field portion will have tips for setting up for a hunt, safe zones of fire exercises, demonstrated ethical hunting practices, proper harvest dispatch and much more.

Who is able to attend: Classes are geared towards youth groups and their parents. TDHA promotes youth in the field and dove hunting as a family sport. Classes are not currently set for specific times or places throughout the year, we schedule the class based on the group wanting to participate. If you have a group interested in having a class in your area we encourage you to call and we will set up a time and a place that works for you.

Contact TDHA at 210-764-1189 to reserve your class or email Susan at

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